BIM for Landscape

BIM for Landscape

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Last week our very own Mike Shilton, product director here at Keysoft Solutions, put on his Landscape Institute BIM working group chair hat and travelled to London to speak at the launch of the BIM book he has been involved with writing.

The book, authored by the Landscape Institute BIM working group outlines the practical implications of BIM for the built environment industry and the wider impact technology will have on the future of the landscape professions.

Much has been made of the importance of BIM over the last couple of years and even with its Government backing there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the concept.

To attempt to demystify BIM, we have created some resources to aid your journey from level 0 to level 3.

Essential BIM Tips is a document detailing the 6 key steps to take when implementing BIM. Our BIM jargon buster is a glossary of terms you may have heard when researching BIM and the BIM infographic sets out each section of the process enabling you to cross each stage off as you go. All these documents, plus a link to a BIM compliance webinar hosted by Mike Shilton can be found here:

If you’re still undecided over the importance of BIM, Mike points out “BIM will help us move towards a construction industry that engenders a build-it-right-first-time methodology; improves its productivity and provides greater value to the client and the landscape of the UK.” And who doesn’t want that?

For more information on BIM you can contact us here. The BIM for Landscape book is also available to purchase on Amazon