BSLA Golf Day

BSLA Golf Day Boston

BSLA Golf Day

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Last week, two members of our Boston office Mike and Nate swapped their desks for golf clubs as they took to the historic William J. Devine Golf Course at Franklin Park, Boston alongside the Boston Society of Landscape Architects (BSLA).

The golf course itself is part of the Boston Parks and Recreation Department and was established in October 1896 making it the second oldest public golf course in the USA. The historic venue has stood the test of time surviving world wars, depressions and social unrest while still playing host to some of the world’s golfing greats.

Keysoft Solutions were co-sponsors of the event, and Mike and Nate spent the day meeting with various members of the Massachusetts and Maine landscaping community while showing off their golf skills.

The event, while being a fun day out of the office, was centered around the idea of ensuring the relationship between those who provide landscape services, and those who use them was strengthened, meaning spaces such as the William J. Devine golf course, and other important landscapes are continually maintained and fostered for years to come.