Infrastructure Changes Required for Cars to Drive Themselves

Self Driving Cars

What Infrastructure Changes are Required for Cars to Drive Themselves?

Written by: Dr Ben Watson for Highways Magazine

In September's edition of Highways Magazine, Dr Ben Watson explains the important role that smart road infrastructure will play in the future.

In the article Dr Watson notes that the reality of driverless vehicles is becoming a reality with some experts predicting that by 2025 up to 10% of road vehicles will be partially autonomous.

The main hope for automated vehicles is that they will significantly reduce the number of road traffic collisions worldwide. 

Road Infrastructure will need to change from analogue to digital. Road markings and signage designed for human eyes must be replaced with infrastructure that cars can interpret.

Road signs and markings need to provide digital information as guaranteed backup systems.

Technologies being developed, by companies such as 3M, are brighter road markings with higher contrast and new solutions for road signs such as retro-reflective sheeting for road signs.

Testing of this next generation infrastructure is taking place on the I-75 test corridor in Michigan.

Dr Watson concludes by commenting, this exciting industry is developing at pace, with many of the solutions not only being available in autonomous cars but also in smart infrastructure.


Article written by 3M Innovation Leader Dr Ben Watson for Highways Magazine