KeyLIGHTS v6 - Illuminating 2018

3D and BIM Built-in

KeyLIGHTS v6 - Illuminating 2018

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

You may have seen a few weeks ago that we released the latest version of our lighting design package, KeyLIGHTS.

Having been through an extensive rewrite, we are proud to show off this new version as, for the first time, KeyLIGHTS includes its own illuminance calculation engine. Contours and levels are dynamically updated enabling the lighting design to be checked through all design stages.

You can now rework designs quickly and easily with the new connection system, enabling you to mix and match symbols as you need and move them as one entity.

We have fully integrated the Highway Power Calculation (HPC) module so voltage drop and other electrical properties are dynamically updated as you tweak your designs.

Perhaps the biggest development within the new KeyLIGHTS is the added support for BIM and 3D meaning you can now share the data rich application with other software such as Navisworks.

The process of BIM enables the value from lighting designs to be available for the whole life of the assets. When the data is collated in systems, a more complete and valuable information model can be built. Comprehensive and rich digital lighting models enable sophisticated and cost effective maintenance and operational decisions to be made and will enable savings to be made in the capital cost and the carbon burden from the construction and operation of the built environment.

As the lighting industry continues to snowball its way towards the BIM way of working, the BIM enhancements to KeyLIGHTS will future-proof lighting designs making collaboration with partners, and clients easier throughout all phases of the project.

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