KeySCAPE LandCADD has Arrived

KeySCAPE LandCADD has Arrived

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Last week, we announced the release of our latest product, KeySCAPE LandCADD. Both products will be familiar to those of you involved in the landscaping industry and the combination of the two separate suites of software is a first for Keysoft Solutions: a challenge we were only too keen to take on.

We acquired the rights to the LandCADD software from Eagle Point last June with the intention of combining it with our KeySCAPE program to produce one powerful solution to meet all landscape design requirements.

After many months of hard work by our dedicated development team, the result is really worth shouting about. The combination of the easy to use drafting and landscaping capabilities in KeySCAPE and the advanced 3D, ground modelling and irrigation capabilities in LandCADD means there is no need to look to additional products when approaching landscape design.

KeySCAPE LandCADD allows landscape architects to quickly and effectively automate workflow processes to turn conceptual landscape designs into fully developed 2D and 3D construction plans. As the industry moves forward at lightning speed it is safe to assume that within 5 years, anyone not producing landscaping designs in 3D will fall behind, and the growing momentum of the BIM movement is, and will continue to be impossible to ignore. KeySCAPE LandCADD is fully compliant with BIM Level 2. Users can create 3D ground level surfaces and then build BIM objects to be placed on the surface enabling BIM to reach early design and facilities management phases of a project.

There are two versions of KeySCAPE LandCADD, one that works with the latest version of AutoCAD and the LT version which includes its own AutoCAD (OEM) engine. Whether you want to use it on top of AutoCAD or not the choice is yours. With a range of flexible licensing options and a specialist support team (should you need one) only a phone call away, it’s easy to see why we're so proud of KeySCAPE LandCADD It’s software that’s ahead of its time, to find out more get in touch.