Keysoft Solutions Summer Event 2017

Keysoft Solutions Summer Event 2017

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

The annual Keysoft Solutions summer event was held in Weston-Super-Mare on Saturday 15th July.

The team and their families met at HQ to board the coach, and after safely stowing our packed lunches, buckets, spades and token Frizbee away we set off for the seaside.

Our resident Weston expert Jim had helped quizmaster Suzanne put a quiz together and we began this during a particularly heavy patch of traffic on the M5. Questions were centered on our destination for the day and Chris White and his family emerged victorious with their incredible knowledge of Weston.

After arriving in Weston we gathered on the beach to eat our packed lunches, which the seagulls showed a great interest in, thankfully we managed to eat our food with few incidents.

After lunch it was time for the main activity of the day – sand sculpting! We were first taken on a tour of the sand sculptures on the beach to give us some idea of what was possible to create. The designs were certainly varied and ambitious with the tallest being a 24 foot teletubby.


Once we’d had a short demonstration of how to compact the sand into a block and then how to sculpt from that, we divided into teams to each have a go at making our own sand sculpture.

The sand block was made up of a mixture of sand and water that was compacted by hand inside a wooden frame. Once the sand mixture had reached the top, the white tapes holding the frame together were cut and the four sides of the wooden box were removed leaving a rectangular cuboid of solid sand. The efforts of the Keysoft Solutions team and their families took various forms, there was a pyramid, a snail, a train, a treasure chest and a cyclist with the winner being this castle:

After the sand sculpting, we walked the length of the Pier and ate a fish and chip dinner in one of the rooms overlooking the sea (which we could see in the distance) before boarding the coach and coming home.

Despite the rain we all had an enjoyable day out, thanks go to Gill, Suzanne and Saira for organising.