Keysoft Summer Event 2016

Keysoft Summer Event 2016

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

The annual Keysoft Solutions summer event was held in the grounds of the beautiful Ragley Hall in rural Warwickshire on 16th July.

The Keysoft team and their families arrived and were split into four groups, to rotate through four different activities as the morning progressed. Each person would be scored on each activity and at the end a winner for each would be declared. Needless to say this brought out the competitive side of some members of staff.

The first activity was circus skills, where there were a variety of tasks to master, such as uni-cycling, juggling, stilt walking, and this amusing hat trick demonstrated below by our Product Director Mike, MD Jeremy and Sales Manager Andrew.

Following this, we headed to the water where we were met by an assortment of boats to take out on the lake. Some opted for a casual rowing boat, while others chose a slightly more energetic pedalo or kayak. Our Sales Executive Sam pictured below went for the paddle board and was making it look easy – that is of course, until he became the first (and only) casualty of the day and fell in. Sadly, there was no pictorial evidence to document a before and after.

The next activity was laser clay pigeon shooting, and given that the wind had picked up, this was more difficult than it looked. Five people stood in a line, holding a decommissioned shotgun which had been modified to fire a laser and when a fluorescent disc was released from the trap we had two goes to fire and hit the disc.

There were varying degrees of success with this activity, some hit most of the discs that were released, while some barely managed to work the trigger.

The final activity of the day was archery, with various points being awarded for how close to the centre of the target you could fire the arrow. The scoring system was out of 20 and it became apparent we have two budding Robin Hood’s in the company, as the top score was 18 which both Sam and Martin achieved.

After the activities we were treated to a BBQ comprising burgers and sausages, after which various games of football and Frisbee broke out on the fields and some people disappeared to investigate the maze. Thanks go to Gill, Suzanne and Saira for organising an enjoyable and memorable day.