LI Digital Practice Day Videos Available

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LI Digital Practice Day Videos Available

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Earlier this year Keysoft Solutions sponsored the Landscape Institute digital practice day in London. Presentations were centred on the concept of digitisation and how it is transforming the landscape and placemaking profession. As well as the Building Information Modelling (BIM) revolution in construction, geospatial technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS), GPS, remote sensing and geofencing are changing the face of both the built and natural environment.

Product Director at Keysoft Solutions and Chair of Landscape Institute BIM working group, Mike Shilton attended and also presented at the event and summarised the top six learnings from the day as:

  • Digital means more than design
  • BIM is still here and gaining momentum
  • The face of construction is changing
  • New technology is starting to have an impact
  • The Internet of Things is the future
  • We need to re-imagine how we use urban spaces

For more information on these top six takeaways, you can read Mike’s blog here.

To watch a selection of the presentations from the day, log into our support website.