Sports Field Lighting Design Software

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Sports Field Lighting Design Software

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Lighting Design Software enables engineers to calculate lighting levels and produce lighting design drawings. Oftentimes, Lighting Design Software can be used in sports fields to engage audiences and spotlight players.

Keysoft Solutions' Sports Field Lighting Design Software, AutoLUX, does this in one easy-to-use application to illuminate your sports fields using the full power of AutoCAD along AutoLUX.

You can use the sports shortcut to create field outlines and target grids for popular sports.

The automatic creation of commonly used sport facilities allows for light level calculations to be considered meaning Sports Field Lighting Design Software, AutoLUX is all you need to light your sports fields.

Keysoft Solutions provides a comprehensive range of CAD and database applications for landscaping, traffic management, road safety, street lighting and highways maintenance engineering. With intuitive interfaces and extensive libraries of symbols, they are the preferred software providers for a large number of municipalities, civil engineers and blue-chip organisations.

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