The Vehicular Cyclist

Cycle Lane Markings

The Vehicular Cyclist

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

What kind of cyclist are you? Do you wobble down the sidewalk and only cross the street at pedestrian crosswalks? Or do you bomb down the road keeping up with vehicular traffic, merging and using all the available lanes? Or somewhere in between?

This article featured in this month’s ITE Journal is relevant to not just to cyclists, but urban planners, landscape architects, and engineers. The Complete Streets movement is often interpreted by adding a bike lane to the far-right, gutter edge of the street. But what about the experienced cyclist who prefers riding in the traffic lane? And what about the dangers of dirty gutters, storm grates, and opening car doors? It’s no wonder why someone might consider riding with the traffic.

The author, Martin Pion, suggests accommodating all types of cyclist for a truly “Complete” Street