Announcing KeySCAPE

Landscape and Detailed Planting Design

Announcing KeySCAPE

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Keysoft Solutions is excited to announce the release of KeySCAPE, combining the power and ease of use of KeySCAPE’s drafting and landscape design capabilities with the advanced 3D, surface modelling, site analysis, and irrigation capabilities of LandCADD. KeySCAPE allows landscape architects to quickly and effectively automate workflow processes to turn conceptual landscape designs into fully developed 2D and 3D construction plans.
Jeremy Ellis, Managing Director of Keysoft Solutions comments “Since the acquisition of LandCADD last year, we have fully integrated and enhanced KeySCAPE and LandCADD to create a single, comprehensive solution that provides landscape architects with all of the tools they need to rapidly turn concepts into plans. Now landscape architects can spend more time enriching their designs by eliminating time consuming tasks while simultaneously increasing accuracy.”

As BIM compliance is becoming increasingly important in the landscape industry it is necessary to note that KeySCAPE is fully compliant with BIM Level 2. Users can create 3D ground level surfaces and then build BIM objects to be placed on the surface enabling BIM to reach early design and facilities management phases of a project. By providing all of the design tools a landscape architect requires in a single application, users can create and edit using a single source and eliminate the need to create duplicate copies of the same data within separate applications. This ensures accuracy, minimises errors, and increases the speed in which modifications can be made.

*An LT version, KeySCAPE LT which includes its own AutoCAD (OEM) engine will be available shortly.