AutoCAD 2019 Compatibility Releases

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AutoCAD 2019 Compatibility Releases

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

We are pleased to announce the first AutoCAD 2019 compatible releases of:

  • KeyLIGHTS v6.1
  • KeyOSC Mapper v3.0
  • KeyACCIDENT v7.5
  • KeyLINES v8.2
  • KeySIGNALS v8.2
  • KeySIGN v19.4

In addition to productivity and stability updates, the above releases also include:

KeyLIGHTS v6.1

  • Polygonal lighting calculation grids
  • Polygonal masks
  • Export to ArcGIS SHP files for BIM

KeyOSC Mapper v3.0

  • Surface draping for all Map features
  • 3D buildings generated from OS height data
  • Generate Civil 3D digital terrain modals (surfaces) from OS Terrain 5 elevation data
  • Support for AddressPoint
  • Support for PostGIS database

KeyLINES v8.2

  • New lining utilities: KeyFillet, KeyMatchProps and KeySwapLinetype commands
  • Drawing Lining has an option to start tangentially
  • 3D Sign structure has a symbolic sign symbol and ground level included
  • Custom double lines


  • The lining creation improvements to KeyLINES 8.2 are included
  • Enhanced display of 2D ducts
  • ‘Side hung’ bracket can be used with any signal head
  • Xref colouring

KeySIGN v19.4

  • The Draw Crossroads function has a new advanced mode to help align destinations
  • Diag 622.1A now has more weight options
  • New symbols included for funicular railway and diverging lanes
  • New signs added in Welsh library and some 7014 signs in temporary sign library
  • Additional details shown in 3D sign structure
  • Position Route now has an underneath option
  • Sign and Supplementary plate can now put in a 3sw gap.


You can download the latest versions from our website.

When upgrading from an earlier version of your Keysoft Solutions software you will need to apply an update activation code. This code can be found under the 'My Licences' area of the support page and can be accessed when downloading your software.

If you have any questions about the latest versions of your Keysoft Solutions software please contact our support team who will be more than happy to help.

Coming soon, AutoCAD 2019 compatible releases of:

  • KeySIGN
  • KeyLINES Eire
  • KeySIGN Eire
  • AutoLUX
  • KeySCAPE and KeySCAPE LT
  • KeyTREE and KeyTREE LT