AutoSTRIPE 4.0 for MicroStation and AutoCAD

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AutoSTRIPE 4.0 for MicroStation and AutoCAD

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Keysoft Solutions is pleased to announce the AutoCAD 2019 and MicroStation CONNECT compatible versions of AutoSTRIPE 4.0 have been released.

AutoSTRIPE, the road striping software with localisations for North America, Australia and New Zealand, helps you produce fully customisable designs accurately and ensures they are compliant to local road standards.

Whether you’re a MicroStation or AutoCAD user, Keysoft Solutions can provide a fully updated version of AutoSTRIPE to run on the latest version of your preferred platform.

For those wanting to use AutoSTRIPE on MicroStation, version 4.0 supports both the CONNECT Edition and V8i SELECT Series.

For AutoCAD users, the latest AutoSTRIPE version runs on AutoCAD 2015 – 2019, whilst also boasting many impressive new features such as the ability to drape markings onto a Civil 3D Surface, and new functions KEYFILLET, KEYMATCHPROPS and KEYSWAPLINETYPE to work with street feature objects.

With the latest updates you will discover that not only will AutoSTRIPE save time in the production of drawings, but will also enable more efficient designs to be achieved through easy to modify intelligent objects.

You can download the latest version of AutoSTRIPE, for either MicroStation or AutoCAD from the logged in side of our website.

When upgrading from an earlier version of AutoSTRIPE you will need to apply an update activation code. This code can be found under the “My Licences” area of the support page and can be accessed when downloading your software.

For more information, or further details about how the latest version of AutoSTRIPE can help speed up your road striping design process, please contact us on 03451 30 30 40 or email us.