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BIM Protocol

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

When BIM Alliance announced the release of the UK BIM Framework last year, following the release of EN ISO 19650 in 2018 to replace BS1192, we said goodbye to the Levels of BIM and moved to a new era of digital transformation, where the UK’s built environment is supported by new standards and processes built around the concept of the digital twin – a 360 approach to design, construction and management where the virtual model and real asset are intrinsically linked through data and feedback loops.

The Framework builds on the principles and standards of its forerunners and seeks to provide an overarching approach to implementing BIM in the UK. A missing link has been guidance around the management of information through the whole life of built assets, including landscapes. This gap has recently been filled by the release of the Information Protocol, in June 2020.

This Information Protocol provides guidance and support for contracts conforming to EN ISO 19650, much as the CIC BIM Protocol supported BS1192 implemented contracts. The Information Protocol Template provides an example that can be incorporated into contracts and seeks to streamline the management of information through the life cycle of a project.

The Information Protocol has been published by BSI, the Centre for Digital Built Britain, the UK BIM Alliance and the Construction Industry Council and can be downloaded from the link below: