Delighted with KeyLIGHTS Roadway Calculation Enhancements

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Delighted with KeyLIGHTS Roadway Calculation Enhancements

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Street lighting engineers are set to benefit from the latest updates to KeyLIGHTS, the industry-leading lighting design application, that enables complex lighting schemes to be drawn in AutoCAD quickly and efficiently.

KeyLIGHTS offers a range of new features designed to improve the way lighting design projects are managed. The latest version of the software includes an all new Roadway Calculation tool for calculating road luminance, compliant with the BS EN 13201 ‘M’ class performance requirements. The Roadway Calculation tool can be used to quickly create any street profile, including grass verge strips, footway and cycleway, parking and hard shoulder lanes and to then carry out lighting analysis of the roadway.

Roadway design projects can be saved to the drawing as CAD objects for dimensioning, and additionally, to an external file for collaborative design and re-use, saving valuable time in the future.

For conflict areas and junctions the lights manager provides for the creation of library symbols which can be added directly to scheme designs. Polygonal grids can easily be created, with masks as required, from existing OS mapping geometry, and the calculated light values shown as contours and/or values. Vertical illuminance calculations can also now be catered for as the calculation grids can be rotated in 3D and aligned with building frontages.

Will Baron, Director at Keysoft Solutions and Product Manager of KeyLIGHTS comments, “We have been working on the updates to KeyLIGHTS for some time and we are delighted that the new version is now ready and available to download. With all the tools required to design lighting schemes quickly, accurately and to the correct standards in this single application, the number of design hours saved annually could run into the thousands.”

With the recent addition of the Roadway Calculation tool, KeyLIGHTS stands alone in providing for all of the needs of the civil engineer from designing lighting schemes on a Civil 3D surface, through to drawing detailed ducting and cabling design. We are proud to be able to offer the additional, integrated solution for Highway Power Calculations (HPC), which is fully compliant with the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations. The use of KeyLIGHTS can be an integral component of a clear BIM strategy, with the inclusion of a range of data exporting tools.

Keysoft Solutions are a UK-based developer of specialist software, which nurtures productivity, efficiency, safety and compliance in lighting, road, and landscape design. Keysoft Solutions also develop a lighting package, AutoLUX, designed especially for the North American market focussing on sporting arena lighting design.

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