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Design Pro and Keysoft Product Update

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

We wish to provide you with an update on our roadmap for the future of Design Pro products.
It is our intention to migrate the UK Design Pro applications across to our popular KeySIGN and KeyLINES products, so there is a single sign design or road marking product.

The Keysoft team has been working very hard to take the best features from Sign Design Pro and Line Design Pro and incorporate these into KeySIGN and KeyLINES, respectively, so that the functionality is maintained into the future. Progress is going well and we anticipate a release before the end of the year. This will provide a significant uplift for all customers, for example Temporary Traffic Management signs and enhanced layer configuration. A full list of features will be publicised closer to release but please contact us if you have any concerns regarding these changes.

Please note that this only applies to the UK versions of Design Pro and we will continue to offer Middle East versions of Sign Design Pro and Lines Design Pro in the short term.