KeyPOST 4.0 Released

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KeyPOST 4.0 Released

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

We are pleased to announce the release of KeyPOST 4.0. The latest update includes:

  • Improved ‘New Proposal’ wizard
  • Undo feature added
  • Ability to set post spacing by entering the dimension
  • Post spacing and foundation dimensions only suggested to nearest centimetre (not millimetre)
  • Additional data in export to KeySIGN, particularly wind load/class
  • Additional images can be exported to KeySIGN (side, top etc.)
  • Updated Welsh sign library
  • Compatibility with BS 8002:2015 and BS 8004:2015
  • Update for BD 94/17
  • Flexibility for additional classes to be selected
  • Additional generic posts added, rectangular hollow section; aluminium etc.
  • Improved loading time at startup
  • Persistence for toolbar and palette positions between sessions

To download the latest version of KeyPOST visit the Keysoft Solutions support website.

Remember, when upgrading from an earlier software version, you will need to apply an upgrade activation code. This code can be found under the "Licences" area of the support page and can be accessed when downloading your software.

Please feel free to contact our support team for more information, or alternatively, why not join the Keysoft Community? View product manuals, share your ideas and views in the forum and access support materials in the knowledge base. Sign up here.