KeySIGN 19.1 & TSRGD 2016

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KeySIGN 19.1 & TSRGD 2016

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

We are pleased to announce the release of KeySIGN 19.1. This release conforms fully to the Traffic Sign Regulations and General Directions 2016 that come into force on 22nd April 2016. It is also fully compatible with AutoCAD 2017.

A lot of the new signs were already built into last year’s release of KeySIGN, but this update now gives full conformity with some last minute changes and additions that have been included in the regulations.

There is a new function to create multi parking plate signs, which will create side by side waiting restriction and parking bay type of signs. It includes options to create these signs with all the flexibility enabled by the regulations.

This new version also includes items for Scottish grave accents and for speed limit countdown signs which are authorised in Scotland.

Amongst the other new features, KeySIGN now incorporates a full 3D sign creation tool to visualise the posts and foundations as a 3D entity. This can be done quickly via our KeyPOST program for validated results or alternatively they can be manually created wholly within the KeySIGN product.

For more information on KeySIGN, or the latest TRSGD please contact us