Latest Software Releases

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Latest Software Releases

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

We are pleased to announce new releases of our BIM and 3D enabled software, including a significant uplift in KeyLIGHTS and KeySIGNALS functionality. In addition to this we also have updates for KeyLINES, KeySIGN, KeyOSC Mapper and KeyACCIDENT. 



After an extensive rewrite, the latest version adds support for BIM and 3D meaning you can now share the data rich application with other software such as Navisworks.

Rework designs quickly and easily with the new connection system, enabling you to mix and match symbols as you need and move them as one entity.

For the first time, KeyLIGHTS includes its own illuminance calculation engine. Contours and levels are dynamically updated enabling the lighting design to be checked through all design stages.

The new Highway Power Calculation (HPC) module is now fully integrated into the KeyLIGHTS features with voltage drop and other electrical properties dynamically updated as you tweak your designs.

To access your downloads please login to our support website. You will need to apply an upgrade code to run KeyLIGHTS 6. Your upgrade codes can be found under "Licences" when you log in to download your software.

If you have any questions regarding this upgrade please contact our support team on 03451 30 30 40 or by email.



The latest version of KeySIGNALS includes significant improvements with ducting, plus enhanced 3D and BIM features.

With the increasing need for BIM and use of 3D, it is now possible to show the underground 3D duct run along the same alignment as the 2D duct symbol and a 3D representation of the duct chamber. The size and depth of the 3D duct and chambers are user adjustable. When you are working in AutoCAD Civil 3D with a surface, the underground 3D elements will automatically move to their correct elevation below the surface.

Along with the ability to add custom data to 2D and 3D features and the option to export this for collaboration with other BIM software, such as Navisworks, using the Export to IFC, additional BIM exports are now available, including Export to SHP, for sharing with GIS users, and export to CSV, for wider collaboration.

When working in 2D, ducting has an additional multiline option to change the way it is drawn so it can better represent the number of duct tubes along a run. Duct boxes and masking have also been significantly enhanced so no matter what angle the duct box or whether the duct is curved, the linetype is maintained.


Other Software Releases

KeyLINES v8.1 - As well as compatibility with the new version of KeySIGNALS and KeyLIGHTS, significant improvements have been made to the 3D elements, especially when draping markings and working with a Civil 3D surface. In addition, we have extended the BIM exports available and now include an export to SHP for sharing with GIS users and export to CSV, for wider project collaboration.

KeySIGN 19.3 - This update includes improvements to the 3D sign creation. Back to back signs modelled in KeyPOST can now be created as a full 3D model. Multiple signs in 3D have been improved in the export to BIM function.

KeyOSC Mapper v2.6 - Following the announcement of the retirement of KeyOSC Tiler last January we are pleased to inform you that the functionality for tiles has been integrated into this new release, providing you with a smooth transition path in the short term, to the use of seamless, up-to-date mapping.

KeyACCIDENT v7.4.2 - A compatibility release is available to work with the latest version of KeyOSC Mapper.

To access any of the above downloads please login to the Keysoft Solutions support website. You will need to apply an upgrade code which can be found under "Licences" when you log in to download your software.

If you have any questions regarding these upgrades please contact our support team on 03451 30 30 40 or by email.