New Releases Available Now

Lighting Columns and Other Electrical Equipment

New Releases Available Now

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

We are excited to announce that new releases of the following products are now available to download:

  • KeyLINES 8.3
  • KeySIGNALS 8.3
  • KeyLINES Eire 3.2
  • KeySIGN 19.5
  • KeyLIGHTS 6.2
  • KeyACCIDENT 7.5.1
  • KeyOSC Mapper 3.1

These releases build on the current BIM, 3D and data functionality provided within your product and now include the option to assign Level of Detail (LOD) and Level of Information (LOI) to object, plus enhanced support for Bentley ProjectWise.

A brief overview of the uplift in functionality is below but if you would like further information this can be found on the online help guides for each product.

KeyLINES 8.3 & KeyLINES Eire 3.2

  • Civil alignment and feature lines can now be selected to create markings along them
  • Create markings along part of a selected line and along multiple base lines


  • Civil alignment and feature lines can now be selected to create markings along them

KeySIGN 19.5

  • Compatibility release to work alongside KeyLINES/KeySIGNALS drawings
  • Edit and alter 3D items after they've been drawn
  • Circular signs on a direction sign now use a hatch fill for the white border


  • Grids can now be moved into any plane, providing for vertical illuminance calculations and supporting environmental impact assessments
  • Validation of illuminance levels against EN 13201 road classes
  • Automatic renumbering of columns
  • Improved connection routines in HPC

KeyACCIDENT 7.5.1 and KeyOSC Mapper 3.1

  • Compatibility upgrades to run in conjunction with the above releases

When upgrading from an earlier software version, you will need to apply a new activation code. This code can be found under the "My Licences" area of the support page and can be accessed when downloading your software.

Please feel free to contact our support team for more information.

Technical Information: As a general rule, if you're upgrading you should also install the latest release of any other Keysoft products. Our support team will be happy to answer any specific question you may have on product compatibility, AutoCAD support or hardware requirements.