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OS Data Hub and KeyOSC Mapper

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

On 1st July, Ordnance Survey launched its new OS Data Hub that gives you access to up to date mapping via the internet. This removes the need to set up and maintain your own corporate datasets to distribute OS MasterMap maps.

Keysoft Solutions is pleased to announce that the 4.1.1 release of KeyOSC Mapper, working inside AutoCAD, is compatible with the new OS data hub.

Anyone with a Premium account can configure this and access OS MasterMap maps online. The service will be available through the PSGA from early 2021 but members can still create a Premium account now to access the maps, as it includes a £1,000, per calendar month, royalty-free threshold.

If you wish to configure KeyOSC Mapper to make use of this online service, please contact for more information.

We are keen to expand the capabilities of KeyOSC Mapper and welcome the opportunity to work with anyone that wishes to access a wider range of OS online data from inside AutoCAD, including OS OpenData. If you are interested, please contact for more information.

You can download the latest version of KeyOSC Mapper from our website.