Retirement of KeyOSC Tiler

KeyOSC Mapping

Retirement of KeyOSC Tiler

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Keysoft Solutions would like to inform you that the next release of KeyOSC Tiler, the free version of our ubiquitous MasterMap handling add-on for AutoCAD, will be the last. Don’t worry, the professional version – KeyOSC Mapper – is still alive and well!

KeyOSC Tiler has provided a quick method for loading map tiles into AutoCAD, but has in many cases meant the maps in use are significantly out-of-date. In addition, for customers the expense and time overhead of maintaining offline maps, as a series of separate drawing files, is significant. Even if small changes are made – a new road or building development for example – whole tiles, or even the whole set of tiles, have to be re-created.

KeyOSC Mapper provides for seamless access to up-to-date Ordnance Survey mapping for Engineers in the CAD space. Those who use the Mapper product have been able to realise significant financial savings across their organisations by accessing a single store of MasterMap information, held centrally and shared between GIS and CAD/design professionals alike. This provides cost savings as only one set of mapping needs to be maintained and kept current for your organisation as a whole.

We encourage all of our customers to move to take advantage of the savings available that the full functionality of KeyOSC offers. The single, merged KeyOSC product will ensure that you can plan a migration path to fully exploit the professional version. This will enable you to access the same corporate mapping used in your GIS software giving you fully up-to-date maps when you need them, and a significant functionality and performance uplift within AutoCAD.

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