Supplier & Contractor Engagement

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Supplier & Contractor Engagement

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Mike Shilton in his capacity as Chair of the Landscape Institute BIM Working Group has been working hard to promote BIM for Landscape. He has presented at several events to show landscape product suppliers and contractors how they can engage in a BIM project. In September members of the BIM Working Group presented to BALI members at their head office in Stoneleigh and to a wider audience this week at FutureScape.

Key to supplier engagement are Product Data Templates (PDTs). PDTs are a tool for suppliers to provide their product information to BIM project teams and asset managers in a consistent, reliable format. The completed Product Data Sheet (PDS) will become a standard format for providing product data and will allow software suppliers and BIM managers to import and use product information to make better, informed decisions about product selection. The latest landscape PDTs are available to view and use from the Landscape Institute website.

Keysoft Solutions is currently working to create BIM exports and these should be available within many of our products early next year. If you would like to become a beta tester for these BIM exports, contact us to discuss how you can get involved.