BIM & GIS - What the Information is going on?

BIM and GIS are often thought of as separate tools for separate professions and never the twain shall meet. Mike Shilton looks at how the two can work together.

KeyACCIDENT & Road Safety

One of the road safety partnerships in the UK successfully using KeyACCIDENT is the Ayrshire Roads Alliance, which has been using our software for the past seven years.

BIM or Bust?

There is great confusion surrounding Building Information Modelling (BIM). This is mostly because it is clouded by a plethora of acronyms and examples that show complex 3D visualisations, typically of buildings.

Managing Risk, Costs and Compliance in Landscape Design

It’s never been easier for users of our landscape design software to manage risk, costs and compliance

Feeling Bamboozled by BIM? Help is at Hand!

Do you know your BIP from your BEP? Your IFC from your GSL? Even if you don’t, it’s likely that your company’s ‘BIM planning group’ will.

Four Ways AutoSTRIPE can Improve the Way you Work

With AutoSTRIPE transport engineers can draw and edit complex markings, such as hatching or parking bays, quickly and efficiently.

Using Technology to Inform Safer Road Design

Technology has an increasingly important role to play in informing safer road design