Four Ways Road Striping Design Software can Improve the Way you Work

3D Driver View AutoSTRIPE

Four Ways Road Marking Design Software can Improve the Way you Work

Written by: Will Baron

Save time drawing and editing
Although Road Marking Design Software such as KeyLINES is widely used by local authorities in the UK, there hasn’t been anything like it available on the Autodesk platform in the USA or Australia. Internationally, much of the design of road markings is still done manually using standard AutoCAD tools. With AutoSTRIPE transport engineers can draw and edit complex markings, such as hatching or parking bays, quickly and efficiently in AutoCAD.

Easy compliance
AutoSTRIPE includes a comprehensive library of line types, standard road text markings and symbols, pre-drawn to the correct size and shape and all complying with local road rules. These can be edited within the parameters of permitted minimum and maximum dimensions, while user-friendly grips enable quick editing of design features. AutoSTRIPE’s symbol library includes arrows, special lane symbols (for bus or cycle lanes, for example) and bus stops.

Create handy 3D drivers views
The Road Marking Design Software also enables users to generate a 3D driver view to help with safety audits and public consultation. This can be enhanced with 3D features, allowing users to account for buildings, walls, trees, and signs when checking sight lines.

No need to separately calculate costs
As well as the safety benefits, AutoSTRIPE Road Marking Design Software can also help with cost control as the software can be used to automatically label and calculate the quantities of each type of marking used, showing cost estimates. This saves the time that would normally have to be spent measuring and costing each individual section