KeyTREE LT - for Arboriculturalists and Tree Officers


Tree survey software

A cost effective, standalone solution that includes an AutoCAD engine, allowing you to create BS5837-compliant tree surveys


Improve your site to desktop workflow and create high quality, error free, BS5837-compliant tree survey drawings

KeyTREE LT One Minute Overview Video


KeyTREE LT is a standalone solution of KeyTREE which includes its own AutoCAD (OEM) engine.

It makes it easy for you to work with surveyors’ drawings, collaborate with your design partners and issue drawings to your clients. It is a standalone solution with its own AutoCAD (OEM) engine.

Why Should I Buy KeyTREE LT?

The AutoCAD OEM version we provide will fulfil almost all your design requirements, however if the below features are important to you then you should consider subscribing to a full version of AutoCAD.

KeyTREE LT (with AutoCAD OEM) has full functionality apart from:

  • Autodesk 360 and online services
  • Georeferenced, online maps
  • Autodesk CAD Manager
  • Autodesk Content Service
  • Autodesk Inventor Fusion
  • Autodesk Materials Library
  • Autodesk Seek
  • Creation and editing of complex 3D objects
  • Creation of photorealistic scenes, including lighting, cameras and backgrounds
  • Rendering, 3D animations and fly-through
  • Action recorder
  • Run custom utilities or applications, such as AutoLISP, ARX, DotNet
  • Use third-party tools and applications, e.g. downloads from Autodesk App Store, M-Color, links to external spreadsheets, etc.

What People are Saying

KeyTREE is pure genius. Each week I find things that just make my life so much easier. That’s on top of the basic functionality which itself is brilliant but I now take for granted of course.

Kevin Cloud, Technical Arboriculture

There is a 50% time saving with KeyTREE.

Landscape Vision

KeyTREE LT Highlights

  • Create tree groups or hedges from polylines
  • Calculate, draw, trim and group together RPAs (root protection areas)

KeyTREE LT In Detail

Platform Compatibility


KeyTREE LT - Technical Specifications

Product Name




Release Date

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Technical Specification

We offer the following recommended specification for the PC.
This is based on the requirements from Autodesk for the latest version of KeySCAPE LT and KeyTREE LT, which is powered by the latest AutoCAD 2021 (OEM) engine.
If you are running an earlier version of KeySCAPE LT or KeyTREE LT, it may be possible to run with a reduced specification.

Supported operating systems:
• Microsoft® Windows® 10 Anniversary Update (64-bit only) (version 1607 or higher)

Basic • 2.5-2.9 GHz processor
• 3+ GHz processor
Hardware Memory:
Basic • 8 GB Recommended • 16 GB

Display resolution
Conventional Displays:
1920x1080 with True Color

High Resolution & 4K Displays:
Resolutions up to 3840x2160 supported on Windows 10, 64 bit systems (with capable display card)

Disk space
7.0 GB

Pointing device
MS-Mouse compliant

Multiple processors
Should be supported by the application

Display card
• 1 GB GPU with 29 GB/s Bandwidth and DirectX11 compliant
• 4 GB GPU with 106 GB/s Bandwidth and DirectX11 compliant

Other Details

KeySCAPE LT and KeyTREE LT is available for 64-bit operating systems only.