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AutoTURN Pro

AutoTURN Professional 3D is state-of-the-art software for simulating 3D vehicle turning manoeuvres on surface and mesh object terrains.

It incorporates the trusted AutoTURN software, with an added patent-pending 3D feature, allowing engineers, architects and drafters to account for the effects of varying terrain, obstacles and differing parameters.

What People are Saying

We have found the program (AutoTURN) a pleasure to work with and use. We highly recommend your software to our peers.

Reid Middleton

AutoTURN provides me with the necessary tools to analyse the layout options with the various design vehicles that need to access the site.

Dan Hitchcock, Camp Alandale

AutoTURN Pro Highlights

  • Place a 3D vehicle simulation on a terrain using geometry for lines, arcs, polylines, and alignments
  • SmartPath tools uses four interactive drive modes for performing vehicle forward, reverse and oversteering turn simulations through mouse movements
  • Create and simulate vehicles with independent rear steering systems
  • All national standard design vehicle libraries (DETR DB32, FTA98, FTA CUSTOM etc) includes 3D parameters
  • Dynamic visual display of 3D articulation along the axis in a vehicle simulation to evaluate max out conditions.
  • Place 'adaptive' vehicle simulations on either centres or offset left/right with smooth transitions option on user-drawn paths made from lines, arcs, polylines, complex chains and even AutoCAD Civil 3D alignments.

AutoTURN Pro In Detail

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AutoTURN Pro - Technical Specifications

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AutoTURN Pro



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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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