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Advanced rail design and analysis system for Light Rail Vehicles (LRV’s)


Produce realistic 2D and 3D light rail simulations

Traffic Management software

AutoTURN Rail

Incorporating the trusted AutoTURN® engine, AutoTURN Rail 3D is an advanced rail design and analysis solution that expedites the clearance analysis for evaluating new track layout or verifying LRVs (light rail vehicles) on existing tracks. Beyond the analytical functionalities, AutoTURN Rail can be used for visualization purposes such as animating realistic 2D vehicle plan views and 3D realistic vehicle models along the path.

AutoTURN Rail helps designers account for clearance issues a light rail train may encounter along any section of track. Once the designs are finalized, designers can then use the software to check the safety of their concepts. What use to take hours of painstaking work now only takes a few minutes with AutoTURN Rail.

AutoTURN Rail Highlights

  • Generate 2D and 3D light rail vehicle simulations
  • Generate 3D light rail vehicle clearance envelopes
  • Generate cross section views
  • Customised light rail vehicle creation
  • Presentation features
  • Reporting features

AutoTURN Rail In Detail

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