BriskLUMINA – for Traffic Management and Road Safety Engineers


Artificial Intelligent Video Analytics

Conduct on-demand automated road safety video traffic analysis


To understand safety issues at junctions, roundabouts, crossings, cycle lanes and roads

Introduction to BriskLUMINA


Conduct on-demand automated road safety and traffic analysis to understand the traffic conflict issues at your most dangerous intersections.

Using video analysis, BriskLUMINA rapidly tracks and classifies all individual road users and automatically detects near-misses and other dangerous interactions and conflicts, indicative of potential collisions. 

BriskLUMINA enables traffic engineers to perform quick and easy conflict analysis to identify potential road safety issues and to make more informed and faster intervention decisions. 

What People are Saying

The analytics provided by BriskLUMINA was extremely helpful in objectively evaluating the safety impact of a pedestrian scramble. 

Marc Start, Senior ITS/Traffic Engineer, AECOM

Transoft Solutions’ expertise in AI, computer vision and leadership in automated, video-based road safety analysis is critical for our road network screening deployment." 

Franz Loewenherz, Principal Transportation Planner City of Bellevue, Washington 

Automated Road Safety Case Studies

Vision Zero
Bellevue uses traditional and manual safety evaluation techniques focused on collisions.

Before and After Study
Identifying high risk pedestrian behaviour.

Pedestrian Safety Study
How to validate impact of curb radius reduction on pedestrian safety.

BriskLUMINA Highlights

  • Analyse all traffic movements and quickly pinpoint most vulnerable road users. 

  • Quickly determine critical road safety issues for different groups, including exact locations of dangerous interactions, their severities and their frequencies.

  • Assess unknown safety performance both before and after road safety interventions or pilot projects. 
  • Applying surrogate safety analysis techniques with a multifaceted safety score that includes industry-standard measures of TTC, PET and vehicle speed, between any group of movements on the road.
  • Effective decision-making tools include risk indices, safety curves, heatmaps, speed and count graphs, as well as a cloud-based safety dashboard.

BriskLUMINA In Detail

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