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Transition to named user plans begins on 7th August 2020

Autodesk is retiring plans based on serial numbers and launching new plans based on people. The new plans will deliver you and your business many benefits now, and in the future, at a cost consistent with what you pay today.

This is just the start of a more relevant user experience including collaboration, tailored learning content and insights.

What is a named user plan, and how will it benefit me?

Benefits Include:

Dedicated Access for all employees whenever they need it. No more downtime because all of your licences are in use. No more managing network servers or tracking anonymous serial numbers.

Optimise Licencing Costs New named plans will allow you to have visibility into your data usage allowing you to make smarter investments for your company.

Plans for Individuals, Teams and Enterprises with dedicated or flexible software access, depending on how your company works.

Overview Video - Moving to Plans for People


Trade-in Offer

For current network maintenance plan or multi-user subscribers: at your first renewal only, after 7th August 2020, trade in one seat for two standard subscriptions for one named user each at a cost consistent with what you pay today.

For current standalone maintenance plan customers: at your first renewal, before 7th August 2021, you can trade in one seat for one standard subscription at a cost consistent with what you pay today. 

Subscriptions with multi-user access and maintenance plans will retire on 7th August 2021 and can not be further renewed. 


If you would like more information contact our sales team on 03451 30 30 40 or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Partnering in your success

What's happening?

Autodesk is launching new plans that are based on people and retiring plans based on serial numbers.


Do I have to do anything?

Not right now. At your first renewal date, after 7th August 2020 we'll tell you how to trade-in your maintenance plan or multi-user subscription for a named user plan, all while keeping your costs consistent.


What's the benefit of trading in my plan?

Customers who act beginning 7th August 2020 will have access to special trade-in offers designed to transition to the new plans offering an improved experience, collaboration and support at a consistent cost.


What new options do I have?

When you trade-in your existing plan, you'll choose from our new standard and premium subscriptions based on what's best for your team.


What else should I know?

As part of retiring maintenance plans, the last version of the Design and Creation Suites will be released in April 2020 for you to download, and the last date to renew Suites will be on 16th April 2020. You will not be able to renew this maintenance plan after 16th April 2020.

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