Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling is quickly becoming a game changer in the construction industry, including infrastructure and landscape projects.

BIM requires a more collaborative approach to design, requiring data to be shared in a consistent, structured and reliable format that allow members of the project team to test the design and make decisions before a spade is put in the ground. Ultimately, this will require a move from analog to digital systems.

The National BIM Standard-United States® (NBIMS-US™) offers advice on the benefits of BIM, including the standards and information exchanges that assist with and deliver best business practices for the entire built environment. Using BIM standards, detailed and accurate models can be used during the commissioning and operations phase to ensure the facility meets the client requirements throughout its lifetime. BIM seeks to deliver high performance, carbon neutral, and net zero energy based facilities.


Any business working in the highways, construction and landscape sectors need to ensure their technology and processes are BIM compliant. But what is the best way to go about this?


As a leader in the delivery of BIM enabled tools, Keysoft Solutions has worked with key industry bodies and stakeholders in the public and private sectors to identify the following essential tips to help organisations on their BIM journey.







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