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Cats Eyes - Ayrshire Roads and KeyACCIDENT

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Written by: Keysoft Solutions


How KeyACCIDENT helped Ayrshire Roads Alliance identify a road traffic accident cluster site and introduce a road safety scheme with a 100% success rate.


The Ayrshire Roads Alliance has been using KeyACCIDENT to carry out cluster site analysis on an annual basis in east Ayrshire for the past seven years.

The analysis provides information on injury related road accident sites which forms the basis of their annual road safety programme. One particular site dubbed the A719 Waterside Project kept on reoccurring even though traditional treatments such as bend warning signs, chevrons, road markings and bollards to assist drivers through the section of road had been implemented. The challenge was how to make this accident cluster site safe for all.


The solution was to carry out an in depth analysis of the data to identify the types of accident involved and introduce a state of the art remedial measure.

How was KeyACCIDENT Used?

A GIS search of the site was undertaken and the graphical stick diagrams were used to visually present the accident data along with relevant reports to identify trends.

After detailed analysis it was ascertained that those involved in the accidents were predominantly inexperienced drivers or drivers travelling too fast for the road conditions at a site with restricted visibility.

This led the team to think about deploying innovative LED active studs in the roadway as a replacement to traditional retro-reflective studs (cat’s eyes) in an experimental measure to improve visibility and reduce the number of casualties.


Innovative Solar Powered Road Studs Installed

The studs were installed along the centre-line of the road and at the edges of the carriageway. The studs also provide a tactile rumble through the vehicle wheels to warn the driver that the centre-line or road edges are being encroached.

In order to enhance visibility the studs are made up of bi-directional LED lights which highlight both the horizontal and vertical geometry of the road.


Using KeyACCIDENT since the implementation of the scheme and inparticular the site monitoring module, the A719 Waterside Project has been proven to be 100% successful with no more injury related accidents reported.

Due to the success of the scheme, Ayrshire Roads Alliance are using the approach of data led analysis for future road safety schemes across the whole of the country.


Azhar Ali of Ayrshire Roads Alliance comments:

"KeyACCIDENT has been rolled out to our colleagues in the south meaning the trend of reducing accidents is spreading."