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AutoTURN Pro | Sustrans

Written by: Keysoft Solutions


To gauge the space requirements of adapted cycles, particularly in constrained urban environments.

Client Profile

Sustrans is a UK walking and cycling charity and custodian of the national cycle network, which has created 16,575 miles of signed cycle routes throughout the UK including 5,273 miles of traffic-free paths. Sustrans' vision is a society where the way we travel creates healthier places and happier lives for everyone.

"I can highly recommend AutoTURN Pro, the support team has been brilliant in helping with any queries."

Giulio Ferrini, Sustrans


Before using AutoTURN Pro, we found it difficult to demonstrate to some local authorities or land owners that their barriers were excluding some people (tandems, cargo bikes, recumbent bikes, those with trailers) from travelling along certain paths or routes.

Using AutoTURN Pro has made the design process much easier. When designing a junction, it’s really easy to assess, show, and demonstrate to others the space required by anyone cycling and at what speed we can expect people to come through. It’s also helped us show where barriers need to be removed or how they must be redesigned to allow access for everyone.

Working with Transoft to develop the cycle simulation tool has been a brilliant experience. They completely understand the need of designers and our ambition to design healthy, inclusive and sustainable infrastructure that works for everyone.

AutoTURN Pro

AutoTURN Pro, is a state of the art tool for performing 3D swept path analysis. The latest release, v11, includes a bicycle simulation tool, allowing you to ensure your off-street and on-street design projects provide enough space to safely and comfortably accommodate different cycle types, including bikes with trailers, and scooters, and standard bicycles.