KeyPOST Training | Surrey County Council

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KeyPOST Training | Surrey County Council

Written by: Keysoft Solutions


To help Surrey County Council save time and get quicker results with KeyPOST.

Client Profile

Surrey County Council was created in 1889 and is the council administering certain services in the non-metropolitan county of Surrey in England. The council is responsible for a number of local public services such as Transport and Highways management, waste disposal and education.

"I use KeySIGN, KeyPOST and KeyLINES but have always just muddled through, I knew there had to be an easier way. I wish I’d taken the training earlier!"

Chris Stedman, Surrey County Council


The training has improved processes, putting together a direction sign is much easier and I can do so with a lot more with confidence. With KeyPOST, when I was shown how to use this product in the office, every time I made a foundation I ended up with at least a cubic metre of concrete. Knowing how to set locations and height makes a lot more sensible foundations which makes the contractor happier and the price cheaper whilst also being better for the environment.

The training has given me confidence in knowing what I give to the contractor to build is correct. If they question the size of the posts I now know that they are correct for the situation whereas if I had not attended the training I would doubt it and go for a larger diameter.

If I had the chance to do the training again I would. I really appreciated the effort the trainers went to, not only to explain how to use the program but how the program actually works and why (like British Standards and Eurocodes).

Training Courses

To assist you in making the most of your investment with us we offer flexible training packages to suit all customers with a range of technical ability. Whether you’re a new starter or a seasoned pro, we can help you learn the basics and keep ahead of the game. 

You can either sign up to one of our public training courses, which take place at our dedicated training suite, or alternatively we can design a bespoke day, at the Keysoft Solution offices, or yours, to fit your exact requirements.