KeyTREE | Staffordshire & Cheshire Tree Survey

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KeyTREE | Staffordshire & Cheshire Tree Survey

Written by: Keysoft Solutions


"KeyTREE LT has allowed me to quickly create professional-looking survey results in AutoCAD as previously, I had been doing site plans by hand, which meant I was limited to small projects.”


Client Profile:

Staffordshire and Cheshire Tree Survey is an Arboricultural consultancy organisation, operating in and around Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire. Services include Tree Risk Hazard Assessments, Tree surveys for BS5837: 2012 and impartial assessments for buying and selling houses.



Using KeyTREE LT has helped me develop better consistency with reports, which has been beneficial to the local planning officers that I submit to regularly.

The Keysoft support team have been very helpful, especially as they were talking to someone who only had experience with Microsoft Word and Google to construct reports. Most of my questions were about AutoCAD which is something I had limited experience with.

Although I looked at alternative software, I am happy with my decision to choose KeyTREE LT. There is still a lot to learn, and my survey plans still need some work but, with help from Keysoft, I’ve got the basics.

My advice to anyone who is daunted by the the prospect of using AutoCAD, I would say not to worry, as it is worth it and the results are very satisfying.



KeyTREE LT is a standalone solution of KeyTREE, which includes its own AutoCAD (OEM) engine, allowing you to create BS5837-compliant tree surveys. It makes it easy for you to work with surveyors’ drawings, collaborate with your design partners and issue drawings to your clients.

Import multiple tree data from mobile devices, your own spreadsheets and databases and from Google Earth. You can export to IFC and Revit for design collaboration.