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How KeySCAPE saves us time and ensures accuracy.

Client Profile:

Founded in 1990, AEC Inc are a Georgia based landscape design firm with registered offices in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pensylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Tennessee.

"We switched from what we were using because we loved the plant database functionality. The fact that the tool:

  • Auto-populated the plant list
  • Provided labels of quantities
  • Allowed us to import the plant blocks we already had set-up.”

 Jennifer Proudfoot Sprayberry




AEC Inc are using KeySCAPE to produce high quality designs while maintaining a careful balance between natural and man-made environments.

KeySCAPE is used on a variety of project types and sizes ranging from one acre to more than two thousand acres.

“The support we got from the Keysoft team during our trial made it easy to make the switch.”



KeySCAPE offers a single solution that takes you from concept through detailed design and contract documentation and beyond. Enhanced utilities and presentation options allow you to quickly create and modify design proposals to meet the changing requirements of clients. Our flexible design approach allows you to customise the system and manage processes to streamline your workflows.

By providing all the tools a landscape architect requires in a simple application we allow you to create and edit once improving accuracy, speed of modifications and minimising errors, compared to managing duplicate copies of the same data within separate applications.