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Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Brief: How KeySCAPE helped create environments that demand aesthetic integration with surrounding structures.

Client Profile:

Since 1953, Clotfelter-Samokar has made its mark designing cuttingedge facilities, with a speciality in education. This multi-disciplinary design firm employs innovative staff in architecture, interior design, graphic design, project managers and technicians.

“As an AutoCAD plug-in we were able to get significant value from the software really quickly (and the onboarding support was phenomenal!). The ease of making revisions, producing cutand-fill grading models, delivering accurate site models to architects in Revit and sharing work amongst our different offices makes it incredibly valuable to us."

Ben Boggs




Whether designing an addition/renovation or new facility, Clotfelter-Samokar focuses on creating innovative solutions with careful attention to detail. Its landscape architects are utilizing KeySCAPE to create environments that demand aesthetic integration with the structures they surround while remaining environmentally sustainable.



KeySCAPE offers a single solution that takes you from concept through detailed design and contract documentation and beyond. Enhanced utilities and presentation options allow you to quickly create and modify design proposals to meet the changing requirements of clients. Our flexible design approach allows you to customise the system and manage processes to streamline your workflows.

By providing all the tools a landscape architect requires in a simple application we allow you to create and edit once improving accuracy, speed of modifications and minimising errors, compared to managing duplicate copies of the same data within separate applications.