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Written by: Keysoft Solutions


The design of Cordage Park, a multi-family residential development was well underway when design associates Yongjae Lee (Jae) and Braden Drypolcher were faced with a site change that required a significant redesign of their planting plan.

The firm, and especially Jae,had been using and mastering KeySCAPE for about a year. He was using KeySCAPE’s planting paving and surface modeling tools on a variety of new projects that were initiated before KeySCAPE was acquired. Cordage Park was one of those projects.


Client Profile:

Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture is a landscape architecture firm based in Boston, Massachusetts established to provide high quality design with personal service. The firm has deep experience designing recreational facilities, campuses, streetscapes and historic sites and ecologically sensitive areas through feasibility studies, master plans, construction documents or construction administration.

"Using KeySCAPE we were able to redesign the site in one day and prepare ourselves for future revisions."

Braden Drypolcher

Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture



When new architectural drawings for Cordage Park were issued Braden knew that the landscape redesign was going to be significant. Said Braden, “We had already used much of our design development budget on the initial design so when the site was reconfigured we knew we had to be careful with our time.”

He continues, “I hadn’t had the opportunity to use KeySCAPE on any of my ongoing projects, but when Cordage Park required a redesign I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to win back some time. And I know Jae had already worked with the Keysoft support team to set up KeySCAPE with our office standards so it was ready to go!”



Based on his experience Jae noted, “If we had acquired and used KeySCAPE before kicking off the Cordage Park project we would have been able to quickly revise the design using features such as Specification Manager and automatically quantify the changes in plant material.”

“Even though we had already designed the site using old manual drafting practices we were still able to efficiently step in with KeySCAPE and create the smart, BIM-compliant objects that would streamline this redesign and any future revisions.”

“Braden adds, “This type of redesign would have normally taken two designers two to three days to complete. Using KeySCAPE we were able to redesign the site in one day and prepare ourselves for future revisions as the project progresses towards construction.”

“KeySCAPE’s planting module, Softworks, is invaluable on large projects such as Cordage Park, but it also enables accuracy and efficiency gains on smaller planting plans. And, using the tool on small projects keeps our Softworks skills honed for that next big project deadline. I’ll be sure to use KeySCAPE on any planting plan I work on.”

Kyle Zick, the Founder and Principal of KZLA adds some operational perspective, “If KeySCAPE allows us to make a save like this on a large project once a year it pays for itself. And that’s not even counting the everyday, incremental time saving it allows us.”