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How KeySCAPE Design Studio enabled Land Use Consultants (LUC) to visualise the Eden Project 15 years into the future.


The challenge was to convert an exhausted 50 metre deep china clay pit near St Austell, Cornwall, with no soil into a landmark project to celebrate the year 2000.

Land Use Consultants (LUC) worked with visionary Tim Smit and the project team to develop his “stories of man and plants” concept into a physical place to showcase plants from around the world in their natural environment.
The concept was interpreted by Dominic Cole and presented in the form of hand drawn sketches.
KeySCAPE was necessary to turn these concepts into a reality that could be built. This comprised a 3D model that was used to create views from anywhere on site and an attractive setting that would not only accommodate the biomes, the massive covered spaces that provided the appropriate climatic conditions for the plants, but a place that would absorb significant visitor numbers and activities.



Using KeySCAPE, LUC was able to interpret freehand designs. 

What was the concept for the Landscape Design?

The requirement was to create a living theatre of plants and people, one that was sympathetic to the local environment but did not ignore the sites former use as a quarry.

What were the challenges?

There were many challenges: Solving the technical issues of stability and drainage. Providing access for a wide cross section of users while making use of the dramatic topography of the site and allowing space and suitable growing conditions for a wide variety of plant material including tall tropical trees.

How did the use of KeySCAPE help in this process?

KeySCAPE Design Studio and AutoCAD were used to interpret Dominic Cole’s freehand design concepts into a 3D model and accurate plans which were used to coordinate the landscape design with the architects and engineers .The KeySCAPE 3D symbols helped LUC to quickly generate 3D visuals of the site and core features used to support the detailed plans required for construction. The benefits of using KeySCAPE to take the concept design through to a living breathing site are evident when comparing the concept images and 3D model created in 1999 with the site after 15 years.

Did you use any other software?

LUC used a dedicated 3D modelling application to understand the extreme topography of the site and to ensure that the structures, paths, road infrastructure and drainage were all built at appropriate gradients.


How successful has the Eden Project landscape been?

The Eden Project has been highly successful and is now a globally recognised landmark site.

The site is still developing, and based on their ability to deliver the initial project, LUC were commissioned as Landscape Architects to oversee additional developments on site, most notably the education centre.


John Adams of LUC comments:
"KeySCAPE enabled us to interpret the designs of our landscape architects into accurate plans and drawings for others to implement"


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