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Written by: Keysoft Solutions


Liz Lake Associates had to make the decision to stay with their current software provider or to make the switch to Keysoft Solutions Software, KeySCAPE.


We considered both options: to upgrade our existing software and to switch to KeySCAPE, both of which we had received demonstrations of. We were unhappy with the quality of support given by our existing provider and impressed by the presentation given by Keysoft. Costs were taken into account and carefully weighed up. We found KeySCAPE to be very competitively priced and this coupled with the high standard of support offered by Keysoft Solutions dedicated support team helped us make the choice. Read on to find out how we’ve done since the swap.


Using KeySCAPE Liz Lake Associates were able to easily and quickly improve their processes.

Why Choose KeySCAPE?

Whilst conscious of the learning curve with a new software package and non-compatibility issues with old drawings, it was considered that once staff were up to speed, KeySCAPE would be quicker and easier to use than our existing provider. We were also encouraged by the promise of a dedicated support team.


How Have you Used KeySCAPE?

KeySCAPE is used on every project requiring drawing outputs, from landscape masterplans, detailed
planting plans, detailed hardworks plans and construction drawings. Projects included the conversion of Walthamstow Stadium into residential development and a new residential scheme at Ebbsfleet Green.


Have Processes Improved?

Yes, we have multiple staff working at once on drawings. We also have the ability to copy over planting areas and labels from drawings meaning we can produce planting plans quickly therefore resulting in a faster turnaround of work. 


Most Useful Feature?

Cloning planting areas, quick specify and the check drawing feature.



Using KeySCAPE has resulted in a quicker turnaround of work as multiple staff can work on the same drawing at the same time.

We have been very impressed with the support team
who have solved many issues for us. Problems are sorted
quickly enabling less downtime and a quicker turnaround of
work. We would definitely recommend others to switch.


Ben Spurden of Liz Lake Associates comments:

"KeySCAPE is easy to use software with a fantastic support service. We would highly recommend KeySCAPE."