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How KeySCAPE allows Robinson Design to create documentation for project 50% faster than other products.


Client Profile:

Robinson Design is a Florida-based landscape design firm focusing on large complex, residential designs. The firm uses KeySCAPE for design, permitting purposes and concept through construction documentation, as well as for communicating with clients across the US.


"KeySCAPE is a comprehensive integrated suite of ground modeling, landscape and irrigation design capabilities that allows us to visualize and analyze a site, produce professional planting and irrigation designs, and create design documents for projects 50% faster than other products."  

Eric Robinson, Principal

Robinson Design



Robinson Design has used KeySCAPE since 2000. It tried Sketchup but found it too hard to find design elements that worked. Having to pull symbols out of a 3D warehouse was too hard and Eric who likes KeySCAPE's symbol library finding it easy-to-use and delivers high quality, accurate, professional looking designs.

"The product automates tedious tasks, providing us huge gains in efficiencies and allowing us to share plans with clients and partners across the US. I can produce a design in a quarter of the time - 10 hours verses 40.”



KeySCAPE offers a single solution that takes you from concept through detailed design and contract documentation and beyond. Enhanced utilities and presentation options allow you to quickly create and modify design proposals to meet the changing requirements of clients. Our flexible design approach allows you to customize the system and manage processes to streamline your workflows.

By providing all the tools a landscape architect requires in a simple application we allow you to create and edit once improving accuracy, speed of modifications and minimizing errors, compared to managing duplicate copies of the same data within separate applications.