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Written by: Keysoft Solutions


How KeySCAPE enables SLR Consulting to model designs productively using the export to Revit feature.

Client Profile:

SLR Consulting provides global environmental and advisory solutions from a network of offices in North America, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Europe. It works with a diverse and growing base of business, regulatory and government clients specialising in the oil and gas, mining and minerals, infrastructure, built environment, industry and power sectors.

“The export to Revit feature in KeySCAPE has enabled us to model landscape designs more productively and allows us to add that extra level of detail. Export to Revit has significantly improved our workflow when engaging with architects using Revit.”

Kevin Smith, Principal

SLR Consulting



SLR Consulting has used KeySCAPE on many projects since purchasing over a decade ago. Without the export to Revit feature it would have been extremely difficult to place individual plants to correct densities within Revit. Now with the ability to model 3D terrain and being able to transfer the data quickly and efficiently between other software, such as Revit and Civil 3D, KeySCAPE has really improved how it shares data with clients. 

"We have been extremely happy with both the support and training offered by Keysoft Solutions and KeySCAPE would always be the software I would recommend for landscape designers.”



KeySCAPE offers a single solution that takes you from concept through detailed design and contract documentation and beyond. Enhanced utilities and presentation options allow you to quickly create and modify design proposals to meet the changing requirements of clients. Our flexible design approach allows you to customize the system and manage processes to streamline your workflows.

By providing all the tools a landscape architect requires in a simple application we allow you to create and edit once improving accuracy, speed of modifications and minimizing errors, compared to managing duplicate copies of the same data within separate applications.