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London 2012 Olympic Park

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Written by: Keysoft Solutions


How Keysoft Solutions helped form the centrepiece of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games


The challenge was to design a sporting landscape and regenerate run down area of East London for the world to enjoy.

The successful London 2012 Olympic bid began a period of transformation in the run down area of East London chosen to host the Olympic Park.
LDA Design was appointed in 2008 to lead the design project, not only for the games, but also for the continuing transformation of the area to leave a lasting legacy for the local community. 

The Challenge for LDA Design was to provide detailed, professional designs to communicate their vision.
With such a large project, how was LDA Design going to increase their design capacity and streamline their design workflow?


Using KeySCAPE, LDA Design and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) were able to communicate their vision for the Olympic Park.

Design Principles

Throughout the development process three overarching principles inspired the design team: Creation of a strong, distinctive identity and character whilst remaining fit for purpose and value for money.

A Complex Site of Two Halves

The hourglass shape of the site naturally divided into two sections, the northern half being strongly focussed on ecology and green practises, while the southern half was more urban and centred around entertainment. The two distinct halves were connected by over five kilometres of river banks. To remain environmentally friendly no spoil was removed from the site. The bank of the River Lea was transformed into a plethora of open spaces featuring wetlands,dry and wet woodland and a meadow.

The Role Played by Landscape Design Software

KeySCAPE was used generally on the design of the landscape of the Olympic park and specifically to manage the planting and seeding mixes and wildflower areas. Some additional elements were added to the software to help the reporting of mix groups, and Keysoft Solutions worked alongside LDA Design to create specific filters that improved their workflow significantly, allowing landscape architects to specify, modify and schedule their drawings, avoiding duplication and minimising the risk of errors.



A stunning space was designed and delivered not only for Olympic fortnight but also to be enjoyed by Londoners for years to come.

The regeneration of 102 hectares of land not only became the backdrop for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games but more recently has become a symbol of rebirth for the East End of London.

The local communities have been left with a stunning new park, giving them access to green space and the opportunity to enjoy previously inaccessible recreational activities. The permanent sports venues are open to the public and the main Olympic Stadium has been renovated ready for it to become the new home of West Ham United Football Club.

David Thompson of LDA Design comments:

"The KeySCAPE software enabled us to design and deliver complex bespoke planting and seeding mixes for the landscapes at the 2012 Olympic Park.