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Cycling Track at the London Velodrome

Nick Smith Associates

Written by: Keysoft Solutions


How KeyLIGHTS enabled Nick Smith Associates to help realise the London 2012 Olympic legacy in and around East London.


The London Legacy Development Corporation has a purpose to create a lasting Olympic legacy with the creation of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. As part of this legacy Nick Smith Associates was challenged to complete two prestigious projects surrounding the London 2012 Olympic venues.

Project One:

Lighting had to be designed for the roads surrounding the Westfield Centre adjacent to the Olympic Park.

Project Two:

To design the lighting for the cycle and BMX tracks adjacent to the Olympic Velodrome in Stratford, East London.

"The sporting legacy created by the Games will have a lasting impact on the capital and its residents and there are already initiatives in place to capitalise on the enthusiasm generated. (The IOC 2012)




Nick Smith Associates has used KeyLIGHTS for the last 18 years on all design projects whether it is a 2 column housing development or a 400 column major highway project. Having yet to find any other software solution that offers the same level of functionality, KeyLIGHTS was the obvious choice when faced with two projects of such importance.

Project one was centred around the Westfield Centre next to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Supplies were required for the road lighting, and also for the bus and rail stations to the north of the site. The Westfield Centre was a large part of the regeneration of Stratford heading into the 2012 Games, and continues to attract shoppers four years on.

The second project, and one owner of Nick Smith Associates, Nick Smith attests to being most proud of is the lighting designed for the cycle track and BMX track surrounding the Olympic Velodrome. Known to some as ‘The Pringle’ the oval shaped indoor cycle track has become an iconic landmark in East London. Nick Smith Associates was given a complex brief by its client to ensure the lighting would make the area safe and usable for cyclists for years to come.

Throughout both projects concerned with the Olympic Park, the KeyLIGHTS features used were the column symbol block which allows a quick enquiry to be carried out and the cable network design was required with the associated ducting chambers and feeder pillars.



Using KeyLIGHTS in association with AutoCAD allows for the preparation of lighting and electrical designs of consistently high quality. The time saved using KeyLIGHTS to prepare drawings is invaluable.

Due to the success of the London 2012 Olympics, and projects such as the two undertaken by Nick Smith Associates, the velopark has become a popular destination to cycle at all times of day and night, and at all times of year meaning the legacy of the London Olympics lives on.


Nick Smith of Nick Smith Associates comments:

" I have been using KeyLIGHTS for 18 years and I would recommend the software to anyone who needs to prepare drawings for design or construction"