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How KeyPOST helps Storey Design check schemes and create new designs for clients such as Highways England (Area 9).

Client Profile:

Storey Design Ltd specialise in the traffic engineering field with over 40 years combined experience in the business. Their core expertise is in road safety schemes, signing and lining design and site supervision. They work closely with other independent consultants to provide a wider field of expertise in street lighting, signals design and road safety audits.

"KeyPOST provides the perfect solution for my clients needs. It gives me the ability to design with the flexibility to suit varying site conditions."

Alister Storey

Storey Design Limited



Before using KeyPOST the challenge with projects was designing deep planted posts on minimal foundations and having the ability to change grades of steel for posts. This difficulty is alleviated by KeyPOST as it offers the functionality to change the steel grade by selecting from manufacture lists.

The AutoCAD interface for inserting the structure details is an advantage over other software. KeyPOST also provides a facility to certify the post and foundation calculations, something clients need in order to get designs signed off, and something that was previously unavailable.

Storey Design Ltd is completely happy with their decision to use KeyPOST and actively recommend it to others.



KeyPOST is a structural design program that provides for the design of sign installations. While many will use the AutoPOST feature that suggests suitable structures, it can also be used to test stability against the effects of wind loading. KeyPOST is fully accredited by BSI against BS EN 12899-1:2007.

KeyPOST allows you to create consistent, reliable data in a structured format allowing you to collaborate with others and aids you on your BIM journey.

KeyPOST works in conjunction with KeySIGN to create 3D sign structures in full colour that can be exported as a BIM model to use in Navisworks and IFC which can be imported into other BIM software.


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