Road Striping | Overland Park

City Of Overland Park

City of Overland Park

Written by: Keysoft Solutions


To create compliant road markings which conform to local road rules and have full control over visual styles.

Client Profile

A suburb of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, Overland Park was incorporated as a first class city May 20, 1960 with a population of 28,085. Since then, the nationally recognized city has grown to more than 189,000 residents making it the second most populous city in Kansas behind Wichita.

"I have never produced plans without AutoSTRIPE and I wouldn't want to!"

Janet Luessenheide, Senior Traffic Engineering Technician

City of Overland Park



Janet Luessenheide, Senior Traffic Engineering Technician, uses AutoSTRIPE to prepare striping plans. Bruce Wacker, Assistant City Traffic Engineer, adds some historical perspective: “Before implementing AutoSTRIPE, we were down to the wire every year to get street maintenance program plans out the door. Now, some of that deadline pressure is relieved.”

Every year in March the Overland Park street maintenance program identifies a new set of roadways for improvement. Regardless of the repair method, the markings need to be replaced. Janet’s job is to produce plans to replace and improve what was previously on the road. Using only native AutoCAD or MicroStation tools to layout road markings is tedious, time consuming and frustrating to revise.

Janet elaborates, “When we re-stripe a road, we aren’t always just replacing what is there. Often we will adjust the geometry to accommodate bike lanes or other shared uses. Even if the city doesn’t have the budget to install the bike lane this year, we will design the markings to allow for future installation. People sometimes wonder why the right-lane is 14 feet’s because we are planning for the future.”


“AutoSTRIPE was intuitive to learn...ramp up time was very short.”

“When we first acquired AutoSTRIPE we had a few questions and a few feature suggestions for the Keysoft team. The Keysoft support staff were quick to respond, helped us with training, and the development team implemented our suggestions for the next release. It’s nice to be able to call a software vendor and get an actual human being on the phone who can immediately help us with a design challenge.”