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Sign, Post and Line Design | Lynas Engineers

Written by: Keysoft Solutions


To redesign the A66 cargofleet roundabout complete with new signs, sign posts and road markings.

Client Profile

Based in the North East, and providing services right across the UK, engineering excellence is at the heart of Lynas Engineers' service, delivered with the latest technology and design thinking.

"The design was developed using Autodesk software, KeySIGN, KeyLINES and KeyPOST. The A66 project required the design of brand new signs, road markings and passively safe posts so the software was used for the majority of the work."

Matt Taylor, Civil Design Engineer

Lynas Engineers


Lynas Engineers believe that offering the best service can only be done through the use of sophisticated Autodesk software, and having additional AutoCAD compatible software like Keysoft Solutions products, is a real advantage. 

Through having innovative technology at their fingertips, they can very easily demonstrate detailed designs. By starting with preliminary ideas, the integrated BIM and CAD workflows enable detailed engineering solutions to be produced, whilst also increasing productivity and promoting collaboration. The software also allows changes to be made and designs to be adapted quickly and efficiently meaning both time and money can be saved.

One of the best examples to showcase is the project undertaken to redesign the A66 Cargofleet Roundabout where all elements within the Autodesk suite were used, and also the additional software, KeyLINES, KeySIGN and KeyPOST, to redesign all of the signs, sign posts and road markings.

The end result was a stunning 3D visualisation that was used to present the designs to the client.

Keysoft Traffic

Keysoft Traffic makes specialist CAD Traffic Management software including KeyLINES, KeySIGN and KeyPOST. KeyLINES allows engineers to produce road markings and traffic management drawings while KeyPOST provides for the designing and testing of sign installations. KeySIGN is an AutoCAD add-on that enables road signs to be created quickly and easily in a simple to use design suite.