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How KeyPOST helps Ringway Jacobs produce and test safe sign structures to British and European Standards

Client Profile:

Formed in 2005 to provide road network management solutions to local Government, Ringway Jacobs is a leading highways service provider working with local authorities across the UK.

"When integrating KeyPOST into our design process, Keysoft Solutions sales and support teams were excellent, as always.”

C-J Pateman

Ringway Jacobs - Central Bedfordshire Contract




Before using KeyPOST the challenge with design projects was designing on slopes, the use of passively safe posts and bespoke cantilever posts. We considered alternative products but chose KeyPOST because of it’s flexibility and compatibility with our current sign design package, KeySIGN.

KeyPOST is used on all our post and foundation designs for the Central Bedfordshire Contract.



KeyPOST is a structural design program that provides for the design of sign installations. While many will use the AutoPOST feature that suggests suitable structures it can also be used to test stability against the effects of wind loading by providing for existing structures to be modelled and tested for example, for additional or replacement signs.

KeyPOST is fully accredited by BSI against BS EN12899-1:2007

KeyPOST works in conjunction with KeySIGN allowing you to import existing sign face designs in full colour.

The latest version of KeyPOST offers a significant uplift in BIM functionality, particularly the ability to add your own custom fields and share data rich models with others.


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