Swept Path Analysis | Consilium Technical Services

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Swept Path Analysis | Consilium Technical Services

Written by: Keysoft Solutions


To prove that proposed designs would work in reality.

Client Profile

Having over 50 years experience and using the latest industry software, Consilium Technical Services are temporary traffic management engineers working with traffic management contractors, local authorities, construction contractors, and event organisations.

"We would definitely recommend AutoTURN, it's a very useful tool for temporary traffic management design and logistic route planning."

Daryl Gordon, Consilium Technical Services


Before using AutoTURN, the challenge we faced with design projects was how to prove to clients that our proposed swept path design would work in a real world setting.

We wanted to invest in software that could deliver professional outputs and after researching what was available, we realised that AutoTURN was our preferred option. The use of AutoTURN’s SmartPath features allowed us to show clients that our designs were transferable into a real environment.

The Keysoft support team have been great as well, they are fully qualified and were ready to deal with any query we had. Their helpfulness has really helped us to concentrate on utilising the software.

Overall, AutoTURN is a great design solution, that solves all of our vehicle turning problems in one complete package. I would definitely recommend it.


AutoTURN is swept path analysis software, used to confidently analyse road and site design projects including junctions, roundabouts, bus terminals, loading bays, car parks or any on/off street assignments involving vehicle access checks, clearances, vehicle tracking and swept path manoeuvres.

Also available is AutoTURN Pro, a state-of-the-art tool for performing 3D swept path analysis, which also includes Manufacturer-based Vehicle Libraries, and AutoTURN Online, the cloud based solution for performing vehicle turn simulations.