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Technical Arboriculture

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Client Need

Improve the workflow from on site data capture through to final published documents to create high quality, error free drawings and reports in line with BS5837 guidance.

"KeyTREE is the best decision I have made for my business. I have recommended KeyTREE often and would be happy to continue doing so."

Kevin Cloud - Technical Arboriculture

Client Profile

Technical Arboriculture is an independent consultancy based near Winchester in Hampshire. The company is managed by Kevin Cloud, a professionally qualified tree expert and Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant with over 20 years experience working with trees, woodlands and countryside.


I have always preferred to use CAD as DWG has been the most common format for topographical surveys and site layout drawings. The main problem however with standard AutoCAD was the lack of a reliable and integrated system to handle trees within the drawings with direct correlation to the criteria in BS5837. KeyTREE provides this perfectly.

Before choosing KeyTREE, other options were considered but these were either too pricey, not Autodesk based, purely focussed on tree management or a combination of all of these.
KeyTREE is used for all development site work and it has sped up the process of site data import, generation of plans and output of tree data for reports.
The Keysoft sales and support teams are always incredibly helpful. In particular they understand that, as an arborist, my best skill is probably not CAD. They have also responded to my suggestions for improvements and additional features.


KeyTREE allows you to create BS5837 compliant tree surveys. It makes it easy for you to work with surveyors’ drawings, collaborate with your design partners and issue drawings to your clients. It is available as an add on to full copies of AutoCAD, or as a standalone version, KeyTREE LT which includes its own AutoCAD (OEM) engine.

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